Our Story

Managing projects. Or even having a project undertaken on your own home means managing risk. Verification that standards and processes are being followed is the central core of risk management.

If you are supplying or selling a service or a product that requires adherence to standards and guidelines then without some form of verification, these standards may slip, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

We have been managing risk, driving compliance and standards for the safety and development of retail, home improvement and construction businesses for several decades.

Expert inspections, in robust, consistent, clear and understandable formats that give reliable and constructive information to the quality and standards being delivered is the very core of what we do. 

During the last 30 years we have established a trusted network of experts in various fields, eager to provide the solution you are looking for.

Using technology, purpose built apps, video capture, case management systems and even drones we are streamlining the data capture and inspection industry, whatever your sector.


The inspection service is pioneering ways to reduce environmental impact, from paperless audits to remote inspections we are lead the industry in our strategies and processes focused on reducing CO2 emissions.

Drones, thermal cameras and geo stamped information captured, formatted and stored safely, duty of care covered, and much more. The inspection reports produced came be used in your audit trail, for the development and training of your team and operatives. Improved standards drives quality and bottom line profit.

The inspection service we offer is efficient, economical and helps to reduce emissions.